Are you looking for models of a specific game ?

28mm :

Bolt Action

Sceneries and guns of the Second World War for Bolt Action.

Warhammer 40 000

Explore our selection of the futuristic game of Game Workshop. 

Star Wars : Legion

Units and sceneries of Star Wars : Legion.

Warhammer : Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Battle

Join the wonderful era of Warhammer with our medieval sceneries in 28mm. 

Ancient Egypt

Do you need to build pyramids and to model desert ? Relive pharaon era through our specific range !

The Lord of the Ring

The Hobbit

From the green valley of Hobbitebourg to the dark plateau of Gorgoroth, bring the Midle-earth come to life !

15mm :

Flames of War


Large range of guns, vehicles and sceneries to create a Second World War battlefield in 15mm.

L'Art de la Guerre


Make your armies fight with our ancien and medieval sceneries.

6mm :


Lead a futuristic army to the victory in the dark universe of Epic 40'000 !

Star Wars : X-Wing

Create a 6mm Star Wars' universe and launch yours ships to conquer all planets of the galaxy.

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