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Please note that - unless otherwise specified - all of our sceneries are made in PLA plastic (a hard, non-toxic and biodegradable plastic) and supplied unpainted



Compatibilities of the scales :


28mm or 25mm (~1/56e) : Warhammer, Lord of the Rings, Kings of War, Hordes, Warmachine, Bolt Action, Alkemy, Eden, etc.

20mm (1/72e or 1/76e) : Figures from Italeri , Airfix, etc.

15mm (1/100e) : Flames of War, etc.




Hartolia miniatures 

is a French manufacturer of sceneries for miniature games based in Grenoble in France.

Our objective : combine high quality of conception and affordable prices. 


Enjoy your visit !

All of our sceneries are made in PLA plastic (a hard, non-toxic and biodegredable - under certains conditions - plastic) and are sold unpainted.

A little work of deburring is often necessary to perfect the model finish, one or two minutes at most will be enough. Besides, the models are furnished most of the time with supports that you will need to remove : you will find more information in our FAQ. 

The fabrication and expedition delay is constantly updated and displayed on the basket page, in order to avoid any surprise.



Correspondance and compatibility of the scales :


6mm (1/300e or 1/270e) : Epic (Warhammer 40'000), Ruse de Guerre, Star Wars X-Wing, Sharp Practice, Kampfgruppe Von Luck, etc.

15mm (1/100e) : Flames of War, Blitzkrieg, Gruntz, L'Art de la guerre, DBA/DBM, Hordes of the Things, etc.


20mm (1/72e or 1/76e) : Valiant miniatures figures, Italeri, Heller, Airfix, etc.

28mm ou 25mm (~1/50e au 1/60e) : Warhammer 40'000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Kings of War, Mordheim, Hordes, Warmachine, Bolt Action, Alkemy, Eden, Saga, Star Wars Legion, Blood Bowl, Walking Dead All Out War, Deus Vult, Iron Cross, etc. 



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